University of Southampton Transportation Group

Prof Mike McDonald, Dr D Tarrant and Dr JD Turner

Research project dates: 1992 to 1996. 2020

In recent years, Urban Traffic Controls have developed a wider role in the management of urban transport, including the provision of information to a wide range of user groups. The University of Southampton Transportation Group has work with several local councils to investigate and develop solutions to traffic management and control.

ROMANSE (Road MANagement System for Europe) provides up to the minute traffic and travel information for the Hampshire area.

Through the ROMANSE project, Hampshire County Council, University of Southampton Transportation group and its partners are one of the leading authorities in the United Kingdom in the application of innovative working solutions to the management of the local transport network. This is achieved through the implementation of new and existing technologies for data collection and dissemination. 

The coordination of information through the ROMANSE central processor allows data from diverse sources to be collated, processed and disseminated ensuring that accurate, consistent and reliable information is provided to travellers. 

The vast amount of incoming data will be collated and recorded, and used at more strategic levels: 1) for the analysis of network management plans on a day-to-day basis; and 2) in assisting the longer term strategic transport policy making processes. 

Positive benefits of introducing these systems have been shown and therefore the overall aim of encouraging the use of public transport in preference to the car is being accomplished, in conjunction with other public transport priority initiatives, by assisting travellers to plan their journeys more effectively.

ROMANSE Travel Information Tel: 0300 555 1375 · General Enquiries Form · The Castle, Winchester, S023 8UJ

If you car share or are thinking about car sharing check out ROMANSE for your latest travel update, or if the roads aren’t looking good, why not consider using public transport, cycling and walking instead? Check out journey times, calories burnt and carbon emissions saved using our travel planner.

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ROMANSE – Road Management System for Europe

Tarrant, D., McDonald M., Turner, J.D.

23-25 April 1996  

Source: Eighth International Conference on Road Traffic Monitoring and Control, 1996 p. 23 – 27

ROMANSE (Road MANagement System for Europe)

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