The Hub shall offer not just a physical space but also an atmosphere that fosters: 1) the facilitation of interactions between the commercial sector and academia to recognize obstacles hindering the enhancement of the standard of living and financial outcomes, which will be tackled through the joint creation of resolutions; and 2) the provision of ample test facilities that enable the advancement of co-designed technological solutions to be readied for commercialization at elevated levels.

This cutting-edge establishment, crafted by Nick Sherwood from TKLS Architects, boasts a collection of expert laboratory amenities that are primed to bolster various industries including eco-hydraulics, electronics, automotive, energy (generation & storage), environmental engineering, and unmanned systems. These facilities are complemented by general workshop/fabrication zones, high-end meeting and conferencing areas, and outreach spaces. Additionally, the establishment features ‘hot’ offices that will be shared by industrial collaborators, secondees, and partners.

The Future Towns Innovation Hub Collaboration Zone

The collaboration zone is an open-plan working space, with desks, chill out areas and a coffee bar. This area is available for hot-desking, but can also be reconfigured for events and workshops. Please get in touch with us to find out about booking these available spaces for events/workshops, or pop in and have a coffee with us to find out more –

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