Ruby, the new Future Towns Innovation Hub Senior Administrator, went on her first site visit to the new building this week, and took some photos of the building in the sun. Ruby will be the main contact for all things Future Towns Innovation Hub. The scaffolding is coming down, and there has been so much progress to the site over the past few months, in terms of workshops and workspaces, ready for the Opening in Spring 2023.

Professor Paul Kemp was at the visit, admiring the space where his Hydraulics research would take place, and where the inside and outside flumes will be implemented.

Professor James Scanlan, Mario Ferraro and Mehmet Ali Erbil were also there to see the new space available for The Soton UAV Team

Ruby also met some colleagues from the Energy Storage Research Project who will be using the space; Ewan Fraser and Andy Westerman.

The first-floor space will be filled with communal desk space, booths and a collaborative area with the emphasis on chatting over a coffee; this is a large and impressive area.

More updates to come soon…

Update on the Build of the Hub

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