The establishment of the Future Fund by Enterprise M3 LEP is aimed at extending support to pioneering capital projects within the EM3 area, encompassing north and central Hampshire as well as west Surrey, with the goal of realizing the vision for an economy characterized by low carbon emissions and high growth.

Currently, they are in search of high-caliber project proposals from EM3 area organizations that are geared towards the following themes:

1. Innovation 2. Achieving Net Zero by 2050 3. Digital connectivity 4. Green skills and/or Digital skills

Capital funding amounting to ¬£10 million is available. The funding will be awarded as either an interest repayable loan or a grant. In order to maintain the ‘revolving’ nature of the Future Fund, loans are the preferred funding option. Grants will only be considered when the project applicant presents a clear rationale, and there is supporting evidence demonstrating the potential economic value that the project can generate.

The scope of projects that the EM3 LEP are seeking for the Future Fund varies from prototypes and experimental programs to applications for initial investment, as well as larger capital projects. The goal is to promote a limited number of exceptional projects that will aid in the expansion of businesses, stimulate economic growth on a broader scale, generate new jobs or preserve current employment opportunities within our jurisdiction, produce CO2 reductions, encourage inward investment into the region, and/or facilitate the creation of new educational or training environments.

Please see their website for me details EM3 Future Fund | EM3 (

EM3 Future Fund Applications are NOW OPEN

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